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birthday poem 3
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“I wrote this cycle on January 27, 2013 after attending a rehearsal by Marc-André Hamelin in Baltimore. I think it was mostly a Rachmaninoff program. As I listened, I recall it was Mozart’s birthday, and I thought concerning scales of season—what is lasting, what pet outlasts, and what outlasts love.”—Richie Hofmann Birthday WishIt's your birthday time again;It's true; there's no denying,Another year has fall and gone;You know that I'm not lying.So for you, the birthday person,Here's what I want to say:I inlet this birthday's the best one yet,In every delightful interval.So happy birthday to you.Have fate of birthday fun!May your birthday wishes all fall true,Even if you have a ton.By Karl Fuchs Thanks for reading our birthday poetry! These birthday messages are familiar for use on personal greeting game, provided that the author's name (Joanna Fuchs or Karl Fuchs) and our Web site address,, seem beneath the poem. (It can be small print; just so it's there.) All other uses require permission. See our Terms of Use for nuts and bolts Bright JoyOn your birthday,I'm thinking around how much existence and sparkleyou freely dispense wherever you go,how your sunny smile lights up any gathering.Every birthday marks another yearof you radiating positive, happy energy,pestilential happinessthat infects all who come in contactor with you.May your next birthday find you the same--glowing from within,beaming splending joy on everyone you meet.I handle beatified to know you.By Joanna Fuchs Birthday poems can express appreciation, as this birthday verse does. It's so easy to put this birthday poetry on a birthday e-card and throw it, even if the birthday person lives halfway around the world Many of our birthday card verses can be customized to the specific recipient. To customize the following happy birthday recommend, replace the words "special one" in the first fill with your own term, such as the man's name, or "Mother Dear," or "Son of mine," etc Partying on your Birthday Today is the day for party and fun, So let's get-together in the beach sun. Friends we are to the most special one, And we guarantee a day of bliss a ton. We want to make you feel your worth, And in the process give you life's mirth Due to's responsible design, this dit is best sight in desktop mode to preserve the line breaks as they were orignially intended by the poetaster. "I am cogitating that a poem could go on forever."—Jack Spicer  Tell me the story of the night I was born. Mother's palm on her laboring back, shopping for china. This is an zero vector flat, like the half­tale she tells, in a dress I imagine was scarlet. I'm as old as she was, and stayed up until five last night, waiting for Radiohead tickets. I slept guiltily, woke to find them gone. I resolved to shed all numbers. The warm sigh of our bed has whiskey on its breath. Tell me if I will ever use love in a poem and be able to mean it. Instead I mention the two gray hairs I dream of culling from your nape. The shears cleft like moonlight, the mouth lets fall its own name. Tell me why I can't stop thinking about the village I loved so much I sinister it. Now it's commit to women who waste their baby fame on protagonists. I have no use for imagined children: a string of publicity bulbs fighting. You question the width of my neck; it still transfer towards the lichened reservoirs. Against an aquarium sky I count my play like my mother did, bleary through morphine eyes. This poem is about the creature that swallowed ¼ of my pie. The hope is that one age the highway lights will spell something out in Morse digest just for me. What is the difference between an urban backdrop and a picture taken in the metropolis? The photographed remain and disappear, eyes destroyed, glimmering, here and no place else. Schrodinger used a cat, but to me there's no point unless it's an infant.   All my life I have been chasing the gestalt of a bend in the woods of Charlevoix, MI.  On my 29th birthday I will write a contrite poem around the child I bore and named Worry.  By then I will have given up on sestinas, the possibility of God, the wind that eats my kites.  The last thing I'll inscribe is an account of the long year when death made a domestic in my oversight.  I was sixteen, and I don't think I've ever made it paste.  A decade of holding pernoctation for the houseguest who always comes.  I'm my own unruly excellent dog.    Share Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Plus "One and Twenty" by Samuel Johnson Johnson's satirical celebration of a titled young man's fond of age gets read aloud by the obnoxious Gerald Fedden at his son's 21st birthday party in Alan Hollinghurst's The Line of Beauty. He doesn't understand Johnson's mockery. "Wealth, Sir John, was made to depart, / Let it wander as it will; / See the jocky, see the pander, / Bid them come, and take their fill." Every One of Your BirthdaysEvery one of your birthdaysis a gift to the rest of uswho have had the pleasureof having you in our livesfor another year.Every one of your birthdaysbrings joyful memoriesof your witty smileand your tenderness of life.Every one of your birthdaysreminds us of your sensitivityand service to others,and other delightstoo numerous to namethat we are gifted withjust by knowing you.Happy Birthdayto one in a million.May you, and weenjoy many more.By Joanna Fuchs A Birthday PrayerHer birthday comes but once a year;Lord, fill her day with joy and cheer;This hypostasis who's so very dear,Take care of her and keep her near.Dear Lord in firmament, bless this day;Protect this loved one, come what may;Love her in your special away;In Jesus' dear name I pray.Amen.By Joanna Fuchs Word Count: 1020

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